Dutch Pen

Fast, Professional Dutch-English & English-Dutch Translation Specialists.


Dutch Pen's principal, Valerie Zwart, has been a Dutch Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University for the past five years and has almost 10 years experience in translation.

Specialist sectors: accounting, banking, business, culture, finance, leisure, medical & tourism.

Dutch Pen has built a solid reputation for working closely with clients to produce accurate, detailed work delivered on-time.

Our Clients

Pastoe; Leeds Beckett University; UEFA; University of Twente faculties: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences; Engineering Technology, Maths and Computer Science; The Cobra Museum of Modern Art; Qua Art Qua Science; Abken Schrauwen Architects; Quality Online and the Free Flow Foundation, amongst others.

And what they say

"Many thanks Valerie for doing such a thorough job." Leeds Beckett University... "Wat de vertaling betreft: Great work!!! Fijn dat dit (weer) snel is gegaan." Civil Engineering Department at Twente University ...  "Dank voor al je werk. We zijn zeer tevreden over jouw snelle reacties en je zorgvuldige vertalingen!" Universiteit Twente, Faculteit Management en Bestuur ... Wij zijn zeer tevreden met de vertalingen en vlugge beschikbaarheid ervan. Het Cobra Museum.

Language Instruction

Dutch Pen provides language instruction from complete beginner to CEFR B2 level, either via private, semi-private group lessons, either via Skype or in your home or office (Leeds-Bradford area). Tariff: £35/hour


Dutch Pen is a specialist translation service, not a subcontracting service. Our clients notice the difference. Over a number of years, we have developed a range of different services in response to clients’ various needs.

We offer a discount for first-time clients and discount pricing on volume translations (7,000+ words). If in doubt or to confirm an estimate, please get in touch.

Translation & Transcription

At Dutch Pen, we translate what’s on the page, not more and not less, unless a more active approach is required. Our goal is to convey not only the author's message, but also his/her authenticity.


Editing is often requesting in prior to translation and often results in a more cost-effective translation. This is undertaken in close consultation with the client to establish needs and intentions.


Clients sometimes request that the translation be looser or somewhat different to the source text. Sometimes this is to include SEO terms, or to make the work more dynamic or easier to read. As this involves creative thinking, it is more than a translation. Sections or the entire text is rewritten based on the client's requirements.


At Dutch Pen, proofreading means reviewing a text for language and grammar mistakes. The translated text (provided by the client) is considered without reference to the source text, except in cases where the intent seems questionable relative to the context and meaning of the work.

House Style Guide

For all work we ask clients to give as much instruction as is desired about preferences for terminology. But for clients who are looking for a consistency in tone, style or target audience over multiple projects, a house style guide with examples is extremely useful and cost-effective. Guides are typically completed during/after an initial project.

Source Text Improvement

Translation reveals every weak and unclear element in a text. Source text improvement is advisable if you wish to have (parts of) a text translated which contains such elements, or in which the style can cause misinterpretations in the target language.

Get in touch

Always happy to discuss your plans, needs or questions via the form or enquiry[at]dutchpen.co.uk